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MartialArtsGrowth.com was born simply because it had to be.  We were looking at the industry and we noticed there are 80,559+ martial arts businesses in the United States as of 2019 and there wasn't anyone giving them the right information about how to build and scale their business using the internet.

My name is Mike Gowans, Founder, and CEO of MartialArtsGrowth.com and I've been in the online business and marketing space since 2007.  After building a successful digital marketing agency working with over 50 different industries and being able to repeatably get results no matter what our client was selling, I wanted to show other business owners what we were doing.  Instead of performing our services for companies and being limited to only helping 20 to 25 clients per month, I wanted to reach millions. 

We had developed a proven process that works and we wanted to make this process accessible to martial arts business owners who really wanted to grow and scale their services by doing less instead of more. 

Our mission at MartialArtsGrowth.com is to provide martial arts business owners with the most current and effective systems and tools to build and scale their martial arts businesses to 7-figures.

There's an epidemic of incomplete and misleading information going around the interwebs about how to build and scale a martial arts business and we're here to clear it up, simplify it, and provide the best business building, online marketing, and online advertising training available today.

We think of ourselves as scientists and engineers when it comes to building, marketing, and scaling a martial arts businesses. So, if you want to check out how and why our proven system works then use the button below and I'll see you on free training.
Mike Gowans About Page for MartialArtsGrowth.com
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