Resources For Martial Arts Business Owners

From advice videos to helpful tools, customer interviews and livestream Q&A's.
Here you'll find resources that help you start and grow a insanely profitable martial arts business.

Created by Mike Gowans
Why Some Martial Arts Businesses Almost Always Get More Students With Less
This video covers why some martial arts businesses are going to succeed this next year and why some will stay flat or go down and explains the 4 crucial elements to any good martial arts business...
Created by Mike Gowans
Is hiring a martial arts marketing agency worth it? martialartsgrowth resources
Does it make sense to hire a martial arts marketing agency or just learn how to do it yourself and market in-house? That's exactly what we cover in this post...
Created by Mike Gowans
Why Martial Arts Facebook Ads Are NOT Bringing You New Students |
This video covers why martial arts Facebook ads are NOT working and explains why your potential new students are not being found properly.
Created by Mike Gowans
3 Reasons Why Martial Arts Businesses Fail To Get Studnets |
This video covers 3 reasons why martial arts businesses fail to get students and explains why it doesn't have to be so unpredictable. 
Created by Mike Gowans
5 Common Sense Leaks That Keep Martial Arts Business Owners Poor |
This video covers 5 common sense leaks causing martial arts business owners to fail and explains what you should be doing instead to be able to charge more for students.

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